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Sub Zero Parts Las Vegas

Sub-Zero Parts

Sub-Zero is a home appliance company that takes refrigeration to a whole new level. Using innovation, appliance design with beauty as well as function in mind, and the highest standards of quality, they move refrigeration up a notch into food preservation. 70 years of improving upon lessons learned has allowed Sub-Zero to create refrigeration and cooking systems that look and feel as though they are part of the whole interior design.

Sub-Zero’s product line consists of high end built-in oven systems, convection steam ovens, custom wine storage systems, and of course full size or under-counter refrigeration.

Nevada Appliance Parts is proud to sell factory Sub-Zero parts in Las Vegas. We have a central Las Vegas warehouse, open to the public, full of brand new parts supporting all the product lines that Sub-Zero offers.

A name you can trust, Nevada Appliance Parts is a family owned and operated company providing high quality appliance repair work for all makes and models. Washers, stoves, dryers, dishwashers and more…We stand ready to earn your business and trust by providing superior appliance repair services and sales of replacement appliance parts.

This commitment to quality service has earned us an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and Southwest Gas recognizes us as a Preferred vendor. We take pride in being an important part of this community for over 30 years, establishing lasting relationships, providing and servicing quality commercial and household appliances and parts, which allow you to live a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Our technicians operate a fleet of trucks out of the warehouse to provide convenient parts delivery to most parts of the valley, including Henderson, Boulder City, North Las Vegas and Summerlin.

Stop in to the warehouse and speak with our friendly, trained technicians. They will give you the guidance and confidence to do the minor maintenance tasks that keep your appliances running for the long term. They will be glad to offer valuable advice and tips on how to best maintain your large appliances, so that they offer a long, useful and trouble free service life.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

  • Replace Filters – The ice maker and water dispenser (if equipped) have a water filter that should be replaced every 6 months.
  • Defrosting – If you don’t have a self-defrosting freezer, watch for significant frost buildup. If it reaches a thickness of one half inch, remove the food from the freezer and turn off the freezer by unplugging or using the thermostat. Allow the frost to melt away, wipe up any water, then resume normal operation. Self-defrosting units will handle frost themselves, but you will need to clean out the drip pans by emptying the water and washing the pan to prevent bacteria and odors from starting.
  • Clean Condenser Coils – Located on the rear of the freezer or refrigerator, much like a car radiator, these coils allow the appliance to dissipate heat from the compressor’s operation. Unfortunately they will have quite a bit of dirt and dust that builds up, causing them to operate at less than peak efficiency. This dirt needs to be cleaned twice per year with a gentle brush or vacuuming. It is easy to do yourself, however if the refrigerator is in a tight spot, you may need assistance moving the appliance in order to reach the coils.
  • Make Space – Also make sure there is ample space between the wall and your appliance. All freezers and refrigerators require this space to ensure cool fresh air reaches the mechanical parts as well as the condenser coils.
  • Clean or Replace Door Gasket Seals – The rubber or plastic seal surrounding the doors to your fridge or freezer do need to be wiped down on a regular basis. Dirt buildup on these seals will put stress on the rubber, causing them to become weak over time and not seal in the cold air, resulting in the unit working overtime to compensate, costing you higher electric bills.

Our staff would be happy to perform the more complex repair tasks for you, ensuring your appliances are ready to go when you need them. Our technicians are highly trained veterans of the appliance industry who work on all makes and models. They strive for 100% customer satisfaction in every part we sell, and every repair service we perform.

We are available Monday – Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm. For a free estimate, helpful advice, or to find Sub-Zero appliance parts in Las Vegas, Nevada Appliance Parts is the one to call. Come see us at 3281 North Decatur Blvd #270 Las Vegas, Nevada 89130. To inquire about parts or to schedule a service visit, give us a call at 702-515-1515.