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Insinkerator Parts

Insinkerator is the largest builder of food waste disposal appliances in the world. Invented in 1927, Insinkerator has become a household name in the industry of high performance food disposal units for home and commercial use.

Synonymous with quality, Insinkerator is the home builder and plumber’s first choice when installing new kitchen equipment. These quiet, efficient, well-built units hold over 300 patents.

To date they have prevented over 77.3 billion pounds of food waste from reaching our landfills, reducing global warming potential by mixing biodegradable food waste into water, where it can be turned into renewable energy and safe fertilizer at many wastewater treatment plants.

Since food waste already contains about 70% water, using an Insinkerator disposal unit is a sensible way to manage your food waste, while improving our environment because capable waste water facilities can actually capture methane from the ground food waste from disposals, and use it to generate renewable energy.

These biosolids from food disposals are also a great source of nutrients needed to produce organic soil conditioners and fertilizers, thus completing the natural cycle of foods’ journey from the ground, to your home, and back to begin the cycle all over again.

Four Garbage Disposal Tips

  • Save & Grind Citrus Fruits for Freshness – Periodically grind up lemons and oranges in your Insinkerator disposal to keep the system smelling fresh and clean, without using cleaning chemicals that are harmful to the downstream environment.
  • Use Cold Water – Hot water is not necessary to run the disposal unit, and wastes energy. Always use water when running food through the system, this ensures the food waste is softened up enough to be optimally chopped so it moves freely through the blades.
  • Flush System – After grinding food, run water down the drain for several seconds to keep the plumbing system free from debris and buildup. Periodically fill the sink with lemon water and ice cubes, then run the disposal. Ice cubes will sharpen the blades, while the lemon provides a fresh scent and remove residue buildup.
  • Avoid Coffee Grounds – Do not send coffee grounds down the disposal unit as this will clog the drain lines, causing you to have the unit disassembled for cleaning.

Insinkerator Parts

Nevada Appliance Parts is the one to call when you need garbage disposal parts in Las Vegas for your home or business. We are the leading Insinkerator parts dealer in Southern Nevada with a fully stocked warehouse of garbage disposal parts, open to the public, staffed by appliance experts ready to help you find the parts you need for your home and commercial appliances.

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Visit our warehouse, talk with our sales staff and trained installation and repair technicians. Let us show you why we are the only one to call for Insinkerator garbage disposal replacement parts, installation, and repairs.

Convenient to central Las Vegas, we also provide service to Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Southern Highlands, and Boulder City. Our service trucks are also fully stocked with brand new parts with full warranties, allowing us to get your appliance problems solved quickly and easily.

Nevada Appliance Parts is fully bonded, insured, licensed, and incorporated in Nevada. We take pride in being an important part of this community, providing and servicing quality household and commercial appliances which allow you to live a more convenient, comfortable lifestyle.

In most cases, we can get your home and commercial appliances repaired on the same day you request service. We offer free estimates and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. We are available Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. For a free estimate, helpful advice, or to find Insinkerator garbage disposal parts in Las Vegas, Nevada Appliance Parts is ready to earn your business.

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