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Frigidaire Parts Las Vegas

Frigidaire Parts

Frigidaire is a leading builder of many types of home and commercial appliances including laundry, home comfort and kitchen products.

With kitchen appliances like microwaves, ovens, freezers and refrigerators, stovetops, ranges and disposals, to laundry washers & dryers, chances are you have one or more Frigidaire products in your home.

In the event that you need appliance service and Frigidaire parts in Las Vegas, Nevada Appliance Parts is ready to help. We’ve been in business serving southern Nevada for over 30 years, and have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Our well trained and experienced technicians are on hand, ready to repair and install all types of appliances for home and commercial use. A preferred provider to Southwest Gas, we serve all areas of the Las Vegas valley including: Boulder City, Henderson, Summerlin, Southern Highlands, Spring Valley, North Las Vegas and Centennial.

Our location has a warehouse open to the public, stocked full of Frigidaire parts for all types of commercial and home appliances including laundry, kitchen and home comfort systems. We have trained technicians waiting to install and repair your appliances. Call for a free estimate on repairs, or come in to browse the catalog of parts available to you same day.

Summer is around the corner, so it is time to make sure your refrigerator and freezer are in good working order. A poor performing refrigerator will need to work extra hard to cool the food stored within, causing you to incur costs in the form of high electric bills. Higher ambient temperatures in Las Vegas mean you need to be certain your freezers and refrigerators are in working efficiently.

Here’s a few tips from the expert appliance technicians at Nevada Appliance Parts.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

  • Use Containers With Lids Covering all the food stored in your refrigerator prevents the moisture in the food from escaping into the air inside the refrigerator. Damp air makes more work for the refrigerator. Dry air makes cooling more efficient, using less energy, leading to lower electric bills. Covering your food also keeps it fresh and prevents odors from building up inside your appliance.
  • Inspect the Door Seal The rubber or plastic seals around your refrigerator and freezer’s doors can wear over time, causing cold air to escape. A door hinge that is not properly installed or adjusted could also lead to the seals not aligning properly. In either case, be sure that your seals line up and keep the cold air in.
  • Fill Those Empty Spaces Using a container or bottle filled with water to fill in empty space on the racks in your refrigerator can actually help keep things cool and make your fridge work much more efficiently. In much the same way cool water keeps automobile engines from overheating, cold water in the fridge radiates cooler air, so when opening the door, even though some cool air escapes, as soon as the door is closed, the cold water containers assist the refrigerator in replenishing the lost cool air.
  • Clean The Coils Wiping or vacuuming those condenser coils is an easy way to keep your refrigerator and freezer running efficiently. Dust and dirt can build up over long or short periods of time, depending on where the appliance is installed. Coils with dirt buildup are not able to dissipate heat as quickly, leading to longer cycles and higher electricity bills. Make sure to periodically inspect and clean the back of your refrigerator.
  • Make Space Also make sure there is ample space between the wall and your appliance. All freezers and refrigerators require this space to ensure cool fresh air reaches the mechanical parts.

In most cases, we can get your home and commercial appliances repaired on the same day you request service. We offer free estimates and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. We are available Monday – Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm. For a free estimate, helpful advice, or to find Frigidaire appliance parts in Las Vegas, Nevada Appliance Parts are the ones to call.

Remember, in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin…when you need Frigidaire parts for your home and commercial appliances, give Nevada Appliance Parts a call at 702-515-1515, or visit the the warehouse and meet the experts in person. We’re located at 3281 North Decatur Blvd #270
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130.

We are the leading dealer in Nevada with a fully stocked warehouse of Frigidaire parts, open to the public in the Las Vegas metro area, staffed by appliance experts ready to help you find the parts you need for your Amana home and commercial appliances.

We also deliver, so if you need parts quickly, we have technicians ready to come to your home or business. Done right the first time, your satisfaction is guaranteed. This is why we’ve been the trusted name in appliance parts in Las Vegas for over 30 years.